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Living Spirit Transformational Program

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Welcome to Naturismé

Naturisme (na ture is may) means ‘faith in the divine power of nature’ in french.

I believe that healing occurs when we take a holistic approach, addressing the mind and emotions as well as the needs of the body.

A re-connection to nature, the natural laws, food as a medicine and our inherent healing power will lead us on our healing journey.

I am passionate about education and preventative medicine, the ultimate to me is to encourage parents to be as healthy as possible before embarking on their parenthood journey so as to pass on the best possible genetic, emotional and lifestyle traits to their children and their childrens’ children.

I love working with people in an immersive learning environment such as workshops and retreats, where you can really get your teeth into the taste of good food, the practice of healthy lifestyle and be nurtured on your healing journey.

I humbly offer you these successful healing tools for your journey towards radiant vitality, health, longevity and natural fertility.

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Samantha Warner on Stress, Toxicity & Infertility

'Naturisme' was used by the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), calling the city dwellers back to nature, to do a good days work in the field rather than at their factory or desk, to laugh and enjoy the natural environment, to wear natural fibres and eat whole foods, to use the elements of nature such as the sun and water to heal.

With his call “return to nature!” Rousseau must be considered the true spiritual father of the Naturecure movement which has continued to evolve into the Naturopathy that we know today.

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Sam Warner
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The Food faerie speaks on Food as Medicine Philosophy
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Living Spirit
Transformational Program

Be Inspired and Supported to Vitality and Empowerment


Have you been

Sabotaging your diet and lifestyle changes before you see improvement?

Repeating your relationship issues over and over?

Starting the day with good intentions…….and ending them doing exactly the opposite?

Holding body weight despite exercising and eating well?

Struggling with addictions to food, drinking, smoking etc?

Experiencing reoccurring illness or chronic disease?

Suffering with depression, anxiety, poor motivation or low energy on an ongoing basis?

Do you feel you know what you want but it is not appearing in your life?

Are you having trouble understanding and managing your emotions and sensitivities?

Do you feel like you are repeating patterns in your life that you can’t break?

Naturopath Samantha Warner, and Healer Kirsty Holding have designed this program specifically for you to move into knowing who you are and what you truely want, and then being able to live your life in the way best suited to your values and life purpose. This will have far reaching positive effects on your food and lifestyle choices, relationships, career....

Sound like what you need?
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