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Sam Warner, Natural Fertility SpecialistI was inspired to study naturopathy while my mother was experiencing chemotherapy for breast cancer in 1990. Never having seen a naturopath or taken a natural remedy, this was a divinely inspired idea they has taken me on an amazing journey.

I found the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies and decided that was the place to go, but first I started a degree in human biology and psychology. However an aversion to the uni drinking social scene turned me onto the natural path much sooner than expected!

I completed my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy in 1997 and began practicing in 1999 after some world traveling. I studied further in WA Wildflower essences and a course in Natural Fertility Management with Francesca Naish which set me up with the skills to work as a fertility specialist, which I have done ever since in both my own business and at a group practice – Natureco Health Centre.

I have always been passionate about teaching and public education and found myself writing articles for local newspapers, presenting talks to community and support groups and talking on RTR radio regularly. I was given the opportunity to run the Perth Academy natural medicine dispensary in 2000 and then to begin teaching nutrition in 2001, expanding into sports nutrition, naturopathic philosophy and history, herbs, nutrition and prescribing.

I supervised in the student clinic and have had many students sit in on my clinical practice. I have taught at all the naturopathic training institutions in Perth, and I am currently teaching at Paramount health. I write a monthly column in the mind and body lift out of the West Australian on Tuesdays called Well and Good and contribute to many articles in the same section. I love the opportunity to get information out the public in this fashion.

I run workshops and seminars for undergraduates and practitioners in naturopathic fertility and for the general public on natural contraception, enhancing fertility, food as medicine and creative expression. My experiences in teaching and private practice have emphasized to me how important it is for people to experience healing in an immersive way, to eat, drink and sleep the philosophy and so my destress and detox retreats were born.

I sincerely hope that my knowledge, experience and passion can help you on your healing journey to radiant health and natural fertility!



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Detox Program

A Detox Journey like no other, where I take you, as part of a group, through everything you need to know and do to detox your home, body, mind and lifestyle.

A unique 3 month program of workshops and personal sessions will bring you the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from working with many individuals at my personally designed retreats since 2007.

I have just completed the Transformational Journey Program and here are a few small comments from participants

"The Program directed my path to great information and fixed my confusion"

"Sam Warner is a trusted Practitioner"

"There is nowhere else I can go to learn the info you teach"

"I learnt to love myself through healthy food adn healthy living"

"I had all this info in my head and didnt know how to put it into my body, now I do"



If you are looking for the results of a Detox retreat, but more long lasting and real, this Detox Program is for you!

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The First Detox Program will begin in February 2016



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