Cooking Tips

Different kinds of cooking and different temperature produce different vibrations in the food.

For a light taste cook quickly with little or no salt so the quality of the food will be activating yet relaxing. Suitable for a stagnant tense person and for children. For a more harmonious sweeter taste, cook on a low heat for longer with out disturbing creating a patient and calm quality to the meal. The more cooking, use of pressure, salt, oil, more heat and time all make the food energy more concentrated leading to a hearty and strengthening meal with a savory flavor. This method is healing for inactive or weak people who have lost interest in life. Tossing, mashing, pureeing, stirring and kneading help blend and energise food and stimulate/support a weak digestive system.

For a varied and balanced quality of food, use a mixture of cooking methods adapted to the seasons and the state of those you are cooking for. Proper attitude is as essential as the quality of the food and the cooking technique. There is an invisible energy imparted to the food by the cook that will effect everyone who eats it.

Microwave Cooking

Fire heats food by friction, it causes molecules to jump around and rub against each other

Microwaves heat food by alternating the magnetic polarity of the atoms, that is the positive is made negative and back again thousand of times per second i.e. the electromagnetic field is altered. Therefore the food energy field must be affected. Microwave ovens are suspected of causing harmful radiation in the kitchen while in use. In addition, they may contribute to health deterioration by scrambling the delicate structures of sensitive food molecules in unnatural ways.

Studies done on students eating microwaved food compared to normal preparation, over an 8 week period showed signs of changes in the blood, higher lipids and unidentified molecules. Therefore avoid or minimize microwaved food.


Frying creates free radicals, trans fats and damaged fats. Both deep and shallow frying cause rapid oxidation and other chemical changes to oils in the presence of heat, light and oxygen. First the antioxidants are used up, then free radicals act and trans fatty acids are formed as well as other more toxic by products. Over time these accumulate in the body with no way to detoxify them, which influences our bio chemistry leading to degenerative disease. Heat also damages vitamins, mineral and enzymes. Fried food should be served with a sharp side dish like horse radish, mustard ginger or radish to aid in the digestion of fats

Refined cooking oils are prone to free radical damage so always use fresh oil, do not reuse. Unrefined oils contain natural antioxidants like vitamin E and others (carotenes, Vitamin c and glutathione) to quench free radicals. When oils are refined the natural antioxidants are destroyed or removed and synthetic preservatives added, many of which are banned overseas.

Poly unsaturated oils (vegetable oils, canola, corn, soy, sunflower and safflower) should never be used for frying as they damage and rancidify easily, and are highly processed.

Oils suitable for high temperatures

  • Saturated fats such as coconut, palm, palm kernel, cocoa butter, ghee, lard and butter
  • Monounsaturated oils such as olive, sesame, and peanut are also reasonably stable.
  • High oleic sunflower and safflower are stable (try Melrose )
  • Any food containing omegas threes (ie oily fish) is best cooked at temperatures below 100 degrees centigrade, so water saute using water in the pan is the best bet.






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