Fathers, a very important role in the health of the pregnancy and baby.

To optimise fertility the couple should both be treated in all cases where possible. Preconception care is essential for fathers, despite sperm health being only 1 factor in 3 for fertility (eggs and uterus being the other 2). Studies show increasing influence of male fertility on all conception, foetal health and pregnancy issues. Up to 75% of infertility is due to the male in some studies. Miscarriage rates are linked to the health and morphology of sperm. Fathers are at least 50% responsible for health of the baby and pregnancy.

Leukaemia, asthma, bronchial/respiratory system, mental development/disease are all linked to health of father before conception. There is a 10 fold increase in testicular cancer for offspring of men exposed to organic solvents, and a higher rate of respiratory disease, including asthma for children of fathers who smoke before conception.

Studies show 14% abnormal sperm = 14% miscarriage rate, 43% abnormal sperm = 83% miscarriage. Half the miscarriages in this study were due to the male.

Men are often in toxic occupations – it is very important to wear safety/protective gear i.e. masks, gloves, avoid dust and fumes. Sperm are more vulnerable than eggs as they are smaller, more exposed and develop entirely with in the present environment. Studies are underway to research the effects of pollutants such as fertilisers, pesticides, cigarette smoke, medical drugs and the health of children and grandchildren. Toxic exposure and infection are associated with DNA fragmentation in sperm. Effects not apparent in standard semen analysis, men with fertility issues need to do a Sperm Chromatin Structure Essay (SCSA) test too.




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