My Favourite Green Smoothie

2 apples
2 pears
juice of one lime
1/2 bunch mint
1 cup rocket
1 cup baby Spinach

Place fruit in blender, cover with water and blend till smooth
add grees and Blend again - share and enjoy

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Making food your medicine

The body is self healing if the causes of disease are removed and the conditions for health are provided.

What causes disease – mysterious forces, wear and tear, genetics, germs? These are the options in the medical model requiring drugs, surgery, and a learn to live with it attitude, but perhaps we could be looking at what causes health? Louis Pasteur (founder of the Germ theory of disease) on his death bed declared he should have looked at the healthy silkworms rather than studied the sick ones!

His counterpart Beuchamp, on the alternative side of the fence proposed that it was only organisms whose internal environment had become unhealthy (poor nutrition, toxicity, lack of sleep, overwork etc) that succumbed to infection.

The German Homoeopath Reckweg proposes that acute inflammation and infection are an opportunity for the body to breakdown and rid it self of cellular waste, in fact there are many commensal bacteria/organisms that live within us to help maintain this balance without becoming pathogenic unless we become toxic.

There is only really one disease – toxicity and there is only one cure – healthy living.

When we look at the healthiest and most long lived people on the planet today the following similarities can be found

  • Consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Tend towards lacto ovo vegetarianism (eat eggs and dairy)
  • Calorie intake just above subsistence level
  • Do not over eat
  • Have plenty of physical activity
  • Breathe pure air
  • Live in close knit communities where social isolation and loneliness are virtually unknown
  • Early to bed, early to rise, daily meditation

The evidence appears that lifestyle and diet modify the expression  of genes, we are there not their victims but their masters if we so but choose. Gerontogists agree that 75% of a persons health after the age of 40 depends not on his genes, but on what the person has done to keep his genes healthy. Many diseases previously attributed to bad genes are now known to be fed by bad diets.

Bruce Lipton cites a study in biology of Belief in which the improved diet of mice resulted in their genetic diseases not being past on.

In the China Health Study, the most comprehensive nutrition study yet to be conducted, the health impact of genes was shown to be found virtually irrelevant compared to that of a wholesome natural diet.

We get sick because we become toxic, we become toxic when our bodies run low in energy. Disease is an energy crisis in a toxic body. Victoria Beutenko in the Live Food factor by Susan Schenck.

According to Natural Hygeine or Nature Cure the top ten conditions for health are

  • Cleanliness (inside the body and on its surface)
  • Pure air
  • Pure water
  • Adequate rest and sleep
  • The ideal diet of non toxic, properly combined, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts, organic where possible
  • Right temperature
  • Adequate sunlight
  • Regular exercise
  • Emotional balance, including freedom from addiction, high self esteem, a purposeful life and meaningful goals
  • Nurturing relationships

One study of mice showed how poor nutrition predisposes to addiction.
One group of mice was given a healthy diet and the other a junk food diet. Both had free access to water and alcohol. The junk food mice soon became alcoholic and died prematurely. The health food mice stayed sober and lived to a ripe old age!!
As the alcoholic mice became more and more nutrient deficient they became less interested in food and more interested in alcohol

Researchers at the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Newcastle University’s School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development have found that the organically-fed rats slept better, had stronger immune systems and were slimmer than rats fed conventional diets.
"If people think that eating organic food makes them feel better then they are probably right."


Samantha Warner Naturopath

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