Natural Contraception

The sympto-thermal method

The purpose of natural contraception is to teach women to become aware of the signs of fertility (cervical mucus changes, cervix position and softness, increased libido) so they can pin point when they ovulate and so practice safe sex or abstinence for 5 days prior and 3 days after to avoid conception. It is based on the sympto thermal method where the basal body temperature is taken at the same time each morning in bed before rising, mucus changes recorded, and other cyclical changes noted. The strongest indicator of fertility is cervical mucus, what most women would of occasionally noticed as a discharge during their cycle, if at all. When unfertile, most women experience little mucus, which is usually thick and tacky and you couldn’t imaging sperm swimming through it. As ovulation approaches the mucus becomes more plentiful, thinner and possibly clearer until it reaches a consistency called spin mucus which is very like egg white, which helps alkalise the vagina for the sperm and facilitates their movement through the vagina and cervix. After ovulation (confirmed by a sustained basal temperature rise) mucus decreases and returns to the basic infertile pattern.

The lunar cycle

The lunar cycle was discovered by Dr Jonas in his research in to the rhythym method and why it sometimes failed for women who were practicing it correctly. He found that their conceptions fell during the same phase of the moon that was present at the time of their birth (their lunar phase). The theory is that when we are born, our biorhythmic cycle begins and continues in time with the lunar cycle of 29.5 days. And so we should begin menarche in time with this cycle, ovulate on the lunar phase and even give birth at this time. The truth is most of us don’t as our natural cycles are over ridden by other forces, the OCP, other womens cycles, our lack of awareness and many other factors. But the potential still remains to ovulate on our lunar phase each month if there is enough stimulation (sexual or other) to release a mature ova. So to be completely safe using natural contraception the lunar phase is accounted for and safe sex or abstinence are practiced for 3 days before and 36 hours during and after the lunar peak to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.


  • Personal empowerment, self sufficiency, don’t need to rely on anything for contraception
  • Low cost
  • avoidance of artificial oestrogens, spermicides, IUDs which may have a negative effect on future fertility
  • mutual responsibility, woman controlled contraception
  • no danger to future pregnancies or fertility
  • morally and ethical impeccable
  • useful for diagnosing hormonal and nutritional imbalances
  • The success rates for committed individuals are around 98%.
  • Conscious conceptions




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