The Power of Juicing

The advantage of juices is that they focus and concentrate the energy of enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients of living plants. Juices of fruits act primarily as cleansers. Citrus fruits for example have solvent actions and lemon particularly is alkalising; apples contain malic acid and galacturonic acid which are detoxifiers; pineapples have a high bromelain content which has many healing and anti-inflammatory effects. Vegetable juices have a more tonic effect, that heals, stabilizes and builds the body. Like fruit, each vegetable has a specific power to heal a particular organ. For example beetroots and dandelion help heal the liver. Green juices contain chlorophyll, which is a tonifier that enhancers healing via purification, anti inflammatory and renewal properties. Chlorophyll stops bacterial and fungal growth in wounds and the gut; eliminates bad breath and body odours; removes drug deposits; deactivates carcinogens; counteracts radiation; is anti inflammatory to all tissues and conditions; renews blood and tissue; promotes healthy bowels flora; improves liver function; promotes blood production; and activates enzymes to produce vitamins E, A and K.

Juices make it easy to access the healing power of nature through natural foods rather than through synthetic supplements. Juices are living foods with all the synergistic substances that nature intended combined together to enhance absorption, assimilation, metabolism and elimination. Juices also provide this without having to cook the foods which does have an impact on the available nutrients and enzymes. Enzymes are intimately connected with life force, health and longevity, being the very basis of life as we know it. Enzymes are living biochemical factors that activate and carry out all biological processes in the body such as digestion, nerve impulses, detoxification processes, the repair and healing of the body, expression of the DNA, and even brain functions. When we consume live food, we are saving some of the bodies enzymes pool from needing to digest the food and so these enzymes can be used for other essential functions in the body like detoxification, healing and rejuvenation.

Because juicing removes the fibre, the nutrition from the plant is instantly available to the body and the enlivening effects can be felt very quickly after drinking a juice. Fibre of course is fantastic for many health conditions, so consider doing blended drinks which contain the whole fruit or vegetable as well as juices. Juices are much easier to digest and absorb than a meal so can be beneficial for those eating of the run or who get tired after a big meal.

Most people do not consume the recommended two fruit and five vegetable servings per day. Juicing can help increase your intake of all the valuable ingredients from these wonderful foods without the stress of major diet changes, which can be particularly helpful for fussy children, those who are ill and the elderly.

When choosing a juicer you should but the most efficient juicer you can afford. The best types are ones which keep the vitamins and enzymes intact by crushing the plants between twin or single gears. This generates very little heat, which is the enemy of vitamins and enzymes, and is more efficient than the juicers that work via a rotating cutter.

Juice for your health today.



Samantha Warner Naturopath

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