Preconception Care

“Preconception care is the really exciting idea that we can contribute to the raising of really healthy individuals, whose genetic blue print has been created in an optimally healthy environment.”
Francesca Naish 2008

Preconception care means to ensure that there is to every extent possible in any given situation, an adequate supply of all those factors which are essential for male and female fertility, the health of the ova and sperm and the development of the embryo and foetus.

It is also essential to ensure the absence, where possible of those factors that have shown to be harmful. These considerations then need to be part of the health care of the mother throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding. The beginning of the childs life is profoundly importance in determining future health.

Preconception care is a simple, non invasive, low technology approach, and basic preventative medicine, which is the best medicine of all. It is far preferable to genetic engineering and all its ramifications. It is certainly a far healthier and less stressful treatment for infertility than drugs and assisted-conception technologies. Preconception care is cheaper, has a much higher success rate and is free of any ethical, religious, legal or social dilemmas.

In the 1930s, Dr Weston Price, a dentist, studied the effects of different dietary habits on teeth, general health and reproduction in numerous traditional societies throughout the world. He linked a change from a whole food to a refined diet to a number of health and reproductive problems. In his classic work Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he clearly demonstrated an increase in the incidence of dental decay, crooked teeth and bite, physical deformity and allergies, as well as a loss of mental acuity and a decrease in the efficiency of the birthing process, with a change from the traditional diet to one containing products made from white flour and sugar.

Large numbers of studies with animals show that when either parent is deficient in one, or a number of essential nutrients, the offspring will be spontaneously aborted, or they will suffer from a variety of malformations. These malformations, which in the past were believed to be genetic, can be manipulated at will by inducing a deficiency or deficiencies in one or more of the essential vitamins or minerals. Furthermore a nutrient deficient mother will have a difficult and lengthy labour, and the way in which she nurtures her offspring will be affected.

In Australia at present one couple in six is infertile, one woman in five will miscarry, one woman in ten suffers from toxaemia or high blood pressure of pregnancy, almost one woman in every five undergoes a caesarean section, one baby in ten is born prematurely, and one baby in thirty is born with a congenital defect. Some degree of post natal depression is seen in more than one in every three, and only one woman in ten breastfeeds her child for more than twelve months. More than one child in every ten is affected by a learning or behaviour problem, and one child in every five suffers from asthma.

Preconception care:

  • is a true preventative medicine
  • is a treatment for infertility
  • produces truly healthy babies
  • prevents miscarriage, stillbirth and congenital defects
  • ensures an healthy fullterm pregnancy, an easy birth and successful breast feeding
  • promotes better bonding and a healthy postnatal experience
  • needs to be in place for a minimum of four months before conception
  • needs to include detoxification, nutrition, treatment of infections
  • Avoidance of toxins/pollution, timing techniques, various diagnostics tests, natural contraception, exercise and stress control and conscious conception.

Samantha Warner Naturopath

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