Xeno oestrogens

These chemicals are now found throughout the food chain and accumulate in fatty tissue and so will be found in animals at the top of the food chain or animals continually eating food exposed to these chemicals. Food wrapped or stored in plastic, especially soft plastic and ones that have been heated, especially fat containing foods in plastic will show contamination. They can also be breathed in through contaminated air from industry or burning plastics or drunk in contaminated water. Xeno oestrogens are cumulative and persist in the body for decades. There is a strong link between animal exposure and infertility, disrupted sexual function and sexual deformed offspring. In humans xeno-oestrogens are being considered as the cause of the rise in prostate cancers, reduction in sperm counts and breast and other oestrogen responsive cancers.

Babies exposed to PCBs in utero are born sooner, weigh less and have smaller heads. The greater the amount of PCB’s in the umbilical cord blood, the more poorly the child scores on tests assessing neurological development, with a very likely connection to ADD and behavioural problems.

Xenoestrogens =

  • organochlorines pesticides - DDT, DDE, dieldrin, endosulfan, methoxyhlor, kepone, toxafene, chloropicrin, lindane, chlordane, atrizine, heptachlor
  • petroleum products plastics - PCBs, methyl benzene, tolulene, car fumes
  • minerals - arsenic, cadmium
  • Plastics – PVC, lunch wraps/clingfilm, phallates etc
  • Hormones – from doctors – Contraceptives, HRT from food – poultry industry, antibiotics in animal feed


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