Please contact me by email for retreat, seminar and workshop enquiries and distance consultations (email, phone, skype options avaialble).

Consultation Fees:

Initial Naturopathic Consultation 1.5 hour $150
Initial Couple Fertility Consultation 2 hours $200
Short consultation (phone chtat, email) 15min $50
Repeat Consultation 45minutes $80
Repeat Consultation (extended) 60 minutes $100

Repeat Couple Consultation

1 hour $140

Psych-K Initial Consultation

90 minutes $150
Psych-K Repeat 1 hour $100
Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing Session, Sacred geometry Healing ½ hour $70
Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing Session, Sacred geometry Healing 1 hour $100

Private health insurance rebates available.

Please bring with you your current medication and supplementation both medical and naturopathic as well as copies of relevant tests and investigations.

Contact me to make an appointment.





To make an appointment
call 0403 194 226

Address: The Temple
565 Stevens St, Mundaring WA

Clinic Hours:
Monday 9am - 11am

Tuesday 9am - 5pm*
* (begining 2016)

Saturdays 9-4pm



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Spring Day Retreat

19th September

Spring is a time of regrowth and renewal; fresh green shoots, abundant blossoms, and divine warm sunshine.

Join us for a beautiful opportunity to connect with the spirit of spring.

Clear out the winter stagnation, get inspired to connect with your body and move forward into health and Vitality

Refresh and revitalise your body and mind after winter comfort eating

Enjoy delicious fresh raw food, that are in alignment with the energy of Spring

Share in making (and of course eating) healthy sweet foods that are delectable and nutritious

Practice rejuvenating yoga, experience how to support your body’s ability to restore itself

Learn how to Journal and why emotional cleansing is as important as physical detox

Learn how to cleanse and support your liver and detox at home with out even knowing!

Discover which sweeteners are best for you and why

Choose and take home your own WA Wildflower Essence to support your intentions for Spring

Cost $250 per person,
Early bird price $220 if paying in full before 24th August

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