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“Preconception care is the really exciting idea that we can contribute to the raising of really healthy individuals, whose genetic blue print has been created in an optimally healthy environment.”
Francesca Naish 2008


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Food supply – go local not global
There has been more food being supplied to Australia from China over the last 5 years, fresh vegetable imports rising from $13 million in 2008 to 18 million in 2010
Unsafe levels of chemical have been found such as whitening agents used on mushrooms which can cause health problems including liver damage and skin allergies. Not to mention the melamine contamination of powdered milk scandal 2 years ago, where this toxic ingredient was used to bolster the protein content of milk commonly used in infant formula and many other foods for human consumption. Food safety incidents are growing and will likely continue to grow consider the lack of food safety standards and corruption in China. There is now evidence that food is being routed through New Zealand and then into Australia to disguise its country of origin.

Genetically Modified food infection

GMO issues are also at the forefront again with a Kojonup farmer loosing his organic certification due to contamination from a local GM crop! This highlights the challenge of keeping GM material out of the environment and besides contaminating other non GMO crops may increase the risk of virus’s sharing DNA with antibiotic and  herbicide resistance to other plant or animal species. Evidence of this has been found in the human gut where GMO food DNA can be cut and sliced and shared amongst other bacteria and viruses, with unknown consequences. Considering the process of producing genetically modified DNA requires the use of a mosaic virus to insert the desired gene sequences along with DNA for antibiotic resistance so that they can test the success of the gene spice if the cell survives exposure to an antibiotic, it is highly possible that antibiotic resistance can be shared amongst other bacteria and viruses that generally affect humans.

See article on "Why eat Organic" and Organic Suppliers in Perth WA

Take Action

Concerned about pesticides, food and health especially that of children, please watch this trailer for a new French film on this topic, called The Children Will Accuse Us


Fertility sucess

Just this week I had client return after 6 weeks of natural fertility treatment. In the middle of which she underwent a frozen embryo transfer (her eleventh attempt to conceive with IVF and trying for 6 years) which was to our great delight successful and she has fallen pregnant! Her comment “I am sure it was the herbs and nutrition that made the difference”. March 2009

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Learn all about how to make sourdough bread at home www.wildsourdough.com.au/

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Read articles form the Foresight website – the instigators of preconception care for fertility http://www.foresight-preconception.org.uk/books_literaturesummaries.htm

Research Inspiration

Foresight Study (current)
Foresight is currently completing a further, larger study with 1,061 couples. The unpublished statistics from this already show similar excellent outcomes, with a preliminary conception rate of approximately 78% (leading to a healthy baby) within two years of following the program. This is despite some problems encountered with providing a full preconception health care service during the study. This study also suggests a more than doubled conception success rate for IVF, following preconception health care.

University of New England Study (current)
The University of New England (UNE) is conducting an independent study of 67 patients on the NFM Conception Program as conducted at the Jocelyn Centre. Pilot research is being carried out by Susan Arentz, BHSc (Hons), ND, Dip Hom. A high proportion of the couples in this study had serious fertility problems, all of them were diagnosed infertile, and 25% of them were over 40yrs. Preliminary results have already shown that 52% of previously infertile couples can conceive within the first four months following their participation in the program.

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The Food faerie speaks on Food as Medicine Philosophy
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A Detox Journey like no other, where I take you, as part of a group, through everything you need to know and do to detox your home, body, mind and lifestyle.

A unique 3 month program of workshops and personal sessions will bring you the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from working with many individuals at my personally designed retreats since 2007.

I have just completed the Transformational Journey Program and here are a few small comments from participants

"The Program directed my path to great information and fixed my confusion"

"Sam Warner is a trusted Practitioner"

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"I learnt to love myself through healthy food adn healthy living"

"I had all this info in my head and didnt know how to put it into my body, now I do"



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