Natural Fertility

Fertility is a growing area of concern in the health and wellness field.

“Infertility could be termed the ultimate lifestyle disease and largely results from environmental and dietary toxicity, nutritional deficiency, age, stress, infection and immune dysfunction. However infertility is only the tip of the ice burg. The same factors also lead to chronic health problems in our children and the adults they become.”
~ Francesca Naish 2008

Statistics in Australia over the last 10 years have gone from infertility affecting 1 in 15 couple to 1 in 6 (15%) unable to conceive after 1 year of unprotected intercourse. This has lead to a surge in the use of artificial reproductive technologies.

Sadly the success of IVF in producing a successful pregnancy and baby are less than 35% on average, higher for younger women and lower for older couples.

This is where natural medicine comes to the fore, with the Foresight studies showing an 89% success rate on average and 81% of previously infertile couples producing a healthy baby.

Enhancing your natural fertility

The influence of preconception health is now beginning to be highlighted in many areas including nutrition, stress, immune function and the new field of epigenetics where the environmental messages from the mother (her diet, mood, stress, toxins before conception and during pregnancy etc) influence the childs gene expression and future health.

Preconception care involves making sure that there is an adequate supply of all those factors which are essential to the health of your sperm and ova and to foetal development, and an absence of all those things which have been shown to be harmful. The formation of sperm may take up to 116 days, and ova are susceptible to damage during their period of maturation, which is approximately 100 days before ovulation. Ideally, you both need to enjoy a period of optimum health which spans at least four months before attempting to conceive.

Our modern world now presents many hazards unencountered by our ancestors from food additives, pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, cleaning chemicals, hair, skin and beauty products to chronic stress, emotional and physical, infections, lack of sleep and poor diet choices.

Recent research has clearly shown that every aspect of our reproduction is adversely affected in some way by our twentieth century lifestyle and living conditions. Studies have also shown that if both prospective parents improve their general health, and if they avoid many common lifestyle factors and environmental hazards in the months preceding conception, they can greatly improve reproductive outcomes. The most important improvement being seen is in the physical, mental and emotional health of the child.

Negative influences on fertility

The influence of preconception health is now beginning to be highlighted in many areas including:

We can look to the habits of the oldest living cultures of the world and blend their inherent and intuitive practices with the advances in knowledge that the sciences offer us today to naturally enhance fertility, the vital force and self regulating mechanisms of the human body .

As a naturopath focused on preventative medicine it is ideal that we educate, inspire, motivate and support potential parents awareness of all the factors they need to consider in producing a healthy child as well as overcoming fertility issues. Natural medicines for fertility are incredibly effective and safe when prescribed by a professional.

By taking all the necessary steps via preconception care to a beautiful, bright, healthy baby, you will improve your fertility, be much more likely to have a healthy full term pregnancy, a short and straightforward labour without medical intervention and have no difficulty breastfeeding your child.

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To enhance your understanding of your health and what you need to know about negative influences and postive changes you can make I have included below a number of interesting articles I have written over the years.



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