“In February this year I had an accident injuring my leg and was unable to walk for several months. Stuck at home and not mobile I slipped into a range of unhealthy eating habits based on a lot of gluten and dairy based products and quick/easy snacks. I gradually felt myself becoming more and more gluggy. I had no appetite but was always hungry and didn’t know what to eat. I felt bloated, lazy, clogged, had indigestion and put on about 6kg. I knew I wanted to be healthier but didn’t know where to start or how to focus.

Not long after being able to walk again I saw Samantha, full of hope after some glowing recommendations about her. Being a scientist, I decided to be open minded but still critical of any advice I was given. Samantha sat and listened to me while I described my life and all the discomforts I was suffering. We spent quite a while talking as I had a lot of different ailments and concerns I felt were adding to my overall miserable disposition.

Samantha is exceptionally knowledgeable, understanding and thorough. She recommended an exciting and comprehensive diet full of healthy, fresh items and all easily manageable to make and prepare. She also suggested a sensible range of effective supplements to help.

I wasn’t sure how long it would all take and was a little bit sceptical about it all or how I would manage. However within days I felt marvellous. I was no longer bloated, no longer suffering indigestion and the weight had started to fall off. It’s now been 4 weeks and I’ve lost over 6kg. I feel fantastic. I sleep better, and wake up energised. I’m no longer tired – I don’t even hit the insurmountable afternoon wall that I used to hit. My friends have all noticed the difference and I feel like a new person. My skin is much better and without any prompting my hair dresser even commented incredulously at how much healthier my scalp is looking. On top of all this, I’m saving a fortune on my food bill.  I’m extremely positive about the future and this new way that I feel. Thanks Samantha!


Just wanted to let you know that as of this morning I've officially lost 10kg in exactly 7 weeks!

I'm still going strong and feeling great. I can actually feel my abs!


i did a fitness test today in the gym

they measured my blood pressure, heart rate, body fat and looked at all my measurements, it was resounding good news!

in fact the guy said i was off the chart and it would be very difficult to improve my fitness! he said they very rarely get anyone in there that fit.

to start with, my resting heart rate is 45. my blood pressure is 128/80

the guy said i must have a very strong heart and a very fit &efficient circulatory system.

my body fat is 20% which is apparently within the lower norms of acceptable. an athlete is typically 8-13%, average is 18-24%. over 25% is obese. under 8% is considered unhealthy.

we also did a fitness test where i had to ride for 10minutes with increasingly difficult tension on the bike. the aim was to reach my target heart rate of 140. however we never reached the heart rate. and within a minute of stopping my heart rate had dropped back. which is apparently unusual but a very healthy sign.

i told the guy that I've been feeling on a high lately as if i am on drugs cos i feel so healthy. he totally understood. he said it's obvious my body is in very good shape.

anyway, i now have empirical physical proof that within just 2 meagre months, and on a diet that costs around $8/day total (my entire weekly food bill is only $60) you can turn your life around.

what a miracle and what a gift life and good health is!

thankyou for your support and assistance in getting me here!

G Turner



In my naturopathic consultations I use comprehensive case taking (symptoms, medical history, diet, lifestyle) and appropriate testing to assess the true cause of your symptoms.

Following the core philosophy of natural therapies I help the body to heal itself by removing anything from the diet, lifestyle, environment or mind that is negatively effecting or blocking the bodies vital healing force.

Rather than giving a remedy that just suppresses the symptoms or causes other imbalances or harm in the body, this method leads the individual towards better health and vitality. I place a strong emphasis on prevention rather than just problem solving.

My role is as an investigator, educator and motivator. I help people understand what is happening in their body, what is causing it and how they can make changes to feel better. I prescribe a range of natural therapies, diet and practices to create health and vitality such as herbal medicines, homoeopathics, WA Wildflower essences, nutritional supplements, massage, reiki, Sacred Geometry and Psych-K®. I choose these based on your individual needs and budget. Food as medicine is a particular passion of mine which I believe is the most powerful health enhancing daily practice we can apply to our lives over the long term.

I can show you how to manage you fertility with natural contraception, a non hormonal method that empowers you to identify your fertility signs and avoid conceiving until you want to.

Consultation Fees:

Initial Naturopathic Consultation 1.5 hour $150
Initial Couple Fertility Consultation 2 hours $200
Short consultation (phone chtat, email) 15min $50
Repeat Consultation 45minutes $80
Repeat Consultation (extended) 60 minutes $100

Repeat Couple Consultation

1 hour $140

Psych-K Initial Consultation

90 minutes $150
Psych-K Repeat 1 hour $100
Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing Session, Sacred geometry Healing ½ hour $70
Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing Session, Sacred geometry Healing 1 hour $100

Private health insurance rebates available.

Please bring with you your current medication and supplementation both medical and naturopathic as well as copies of relevant tests and investigations.

Contact me to make an appointment.


Sam Warner
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Detox Program

A Detox Journey like no other, where I take you, as part of a group, through everything you need to know and do to detox your home, body, mind and lifestyle.

A unique 3 month program of workshops and personal sessions will bring you the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from working with many individuals at my personally designed retreats since 2007.

I have just completed the Transformational Journey Program and here are a few small comments from participants

"The Program directed my path to great information and fixed my confusion"

"Sam Warner is a trusted Practitioner"

"There is nowhere else I can go to learn the info you teach"

"I learnt to love myself through healthy food adn healthy living"

"I had all this info in my head and didnt know how to put it into my body, now I do"



If you are looking for the results of a Detox retreat, but more long lasting and real, this Detox Program is for you!

Contact me now

The First Detox Program will begin in February 2016



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