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I will now be running one day retreats, programs and workshops only.

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Detox Options

Due to Family commitments, I am not curently running retreats.

I am however running a
Detox Program
where I take you as part of a group, through everything you need to know and do to detox your home, body, mind and lifestyle.

A unique 3 month program of workshops and personal sessions will bring you the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from working with many individuals at my personally designed retreats since 2007.

I have just completed the Transformational Journey Program and here are a few small comments from participants

"The Program directed my path to great information and fixed my confusion"

"Sam Warner is a trusted Practitioner"

"There is nowhere else I can go to learn the info you teach"

"I learnt to love myself through healthy food adn healthy living"

"I had all this info in my head and didnt know how to put it into my body, now I do"

If you are looking for the results of a Detox retreat, but more long lasting and real, this Detox Program is for you!

Details Here

The First Detox Program will begin in February 2016




Over the time I have been in private practice I have realised that helping people make health and life enhancing changes can take more time than the 1 hour a month we may get to spend together.

So in 2007, encouraged by my naturopathic students at the time I decided to run a week long live-in detox and de-stress retreat. This was a great success for all involved. I really enjoyed watching people grow and change over this time and hearing how inspired they were and how they successfully maintained many of the good habits they learned on the retreat once they returned home.


The signature of my retreats is a combination of fantastic live food, super foods and juices, with a wide range of therapies including the Psych-K® process which helps people align what they consciously want for themselves with their subconscious beliefs.

Each retreat has a unique combination of guest speakers, workshops and experiential sessions on stress reduction, weight management, releasing emotional issues, food as medicine, enhancing sleep, meditation, yoga, qi gong, Wu tao, sweatlodge ceremonies, creative expression through art, dance, sound, drumming and music.

The retreat program gently encourages detoxification with saunas, spa, skin brushing, bowel cleansing, juice fasting, exercise and live food. All our participants comment on how easy this process is and how great they feel at the end of the retreat. Many of course loose weight and learn how to keep losing once they get home with an easily maintainable live food diet. All retreat food is wheat and gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and can be vegan.

Detox Retreat

Join our fully qualified team of naturopaths and healers for 3 days to a week of life changing experiences. Wake up to the birds, take bush walks, enjoy yoga and mediation, lay in the hammock, while our raw chef creates incredible organic, living food that tastes fantastic and actually helps your body heal and detox at the same time.

Elect to juice fast to speed the cleansing process or just reprogram your taste buds and learn how you can make food your medicine at home. Take advantage of the knowledge, passion and skills of our highly experienced and qualified healers who will help identify your individual needs on your healing journey using Massage, Reconnective healing, Spiritual healing and Sound, Hypnosis, Psych-K, and much more. With a program full of educational workshops, food preparation demonstrations and plenty of time to relax, you will receive all the support you need to unwind, release and rejuvenate.

You will take home with you a new zest for life and a comprehensive manual of all information covered, as well as recipes and, a support team to help keep you on the natural path to optimal health

All retreats offer

  • Venue within an hour of Perth
  • Organic live foods
  • Optional juice fasting 1-3 days (on 5-7 day retreats only)
  • Supersmoohties and green smoothies
  • Vegan, gluten and dairy free food
  • Food preparation demonstrations
  • Detox herbal teas and powders
  • Superfoods and products
  • Healing sessions - reflexology, massage, rieki, sound and spiritual healing
  • Food as medicine seminars
  • Stress release and stress management technique workshops
  • Time out in nature
  • Daily exercise ranging from walking, yoga, wu tao, dancing, qi gong depending on the season
  • Daily sessions in the far infared sauna
  • A range of meditation techniques so you can find one or more that works for you
  • Support from a fully qualified team of naturopaths and healers
  • Natural first aid kit
  • The company of like minded souls
  • A holistic healing journey for body, mind and spirit
  • Retreat manual containing notes from workshops, recipes, and other useful information

Feed back

Winter Women’s Ultimate Self Care Retreat September 2012

“I have had a thoroughly amazing experience and have appreciated the caring Sam’s team have given during my stay. The activities, talks and accommodation were all value for money”.

“It was an amazing experience. The value in the food and the knowledge being shared was invaluable. The loving care provided by Sam, Helen and Deb, made me feel right at home immediately. I felt comfortable and secure. Sam’s knowledge is well researched and fact based. She shared her time willingly. Thank you Sam”.

“The retreat was excellent, delicious food which didn’t feel restrict; excellent range of activities. Topics of discussion were all very useful, relevant and not preachy”.

“Overall the retreat met my needs and exceeded my expectations. The food and relaxation methods were excellent. The new experiences I tried were in a relaxed safe environment. The accommodation added to the experience. The sound of the ocean, walks on the beach and birds in the trees helped me relax and be at one with nature”.


Feedback from previous health retreats  

Spring Cleanse 2014

"Wow! I had such a fabulous experience. Thoroughly enjoyed all the activities from massage, workshops, saunas and daily yoga and meditation.

A beautiful setting, surrounded by nature. The rooms were also very cosy.

The people were great, very positive ad inspiring, exactly what I needed.

The Kitchen faeries -Sarah, Helen and Melita were so nice and made AMAZING raw food for the past 3 days.

Finally Sam, Kirsty (healer) and Amy (massage), are such kind, caring and gorgeous ladies who made the retreat so wonderful. They are wonderful to be around."

Autumn 2012

I am constantly amazed and blessed that I get just what I need when I need it. The retreat was one of the bet things I have ever done for myself – and I have done a a lot of fun and exciting things in my 50+ years.

Apprehensively I undertook the retreat with concerns over cost, relevance to me, normalcy vs oddity and quackery. Well all my fears and apprehensions dissolved in an instance. It was fun, with the warmest supportive people possible, in a peaceful and beautiful place.

The food was fantastic. Presented as a work of art with loving attention to detail and flavour plus. I managed to inhale every meal, snack, smoothie! And never felt hungry. The therapists were hand picked to provide a heavenly experience.

Sam, Sam, Sam – joy, light, wisdom, unconditional love and full of inspiration. I am happy and full in every sense!
Susan 2012

I found the whole retreat so very positive. From the beautiful surrounds, the conformable accommodation and the wonderful tasting food, prepared with so much love. To all the wisdom and information Sam gave us. The healing sessions were mind blowing and I got some much from each one. They have sent me forward with lots of information to work on. The yoga was uplifting and enjoyable. The ladies of Perth were so much fun and it was a privilege to meet you all and be accepted with so much love by you all. I would not change a thing, you are doing everything just as it needs to be done, thankyou to you all, love and light.
Patricia (Ireland)

Thankyou to Sam and her gorgeous helpers for my time here. Your enthusiasm, positivity, zest for life and support both emotionally and physically has been amazing. The retreat not only helped to detox my body, but also my mind. I feel calmer, more at peace and have lots of tools that I can take into my everyday life to continue this experience and improve my real self on my life journey. Thank you Candice

I found the exposure to raw food invaluable. It was mainly delicious and plentiful. After nearly 5 days of eating this way my joints no longer ache, my brain is clearer and my heart is full.

The therapies were an excellent opportunity to experience different practices first hand, rather than reading about them. The fact that I experienced breakthroughs at every session has delighted and humbled me. The wonderful yoga, surrounds and gentle walks added to the amazing experience. I loved it all.

Spring Cleanse 2011

The general feeling of the retreat was very positive at all times, the
retreat team and guests all inspiring and informative. I certainly did,
and have heard form other attendees, that they were given a variety of
important information and experiences that will be beneficial for a
fuller and healthier lifestyle. I particularly found the information on
nutrition to be a vital component in improving ones health, and since
starting the retreat I have lost 4kg, my blood pressure has improved and
sinuses cleared (a long term condition) and I generally feel better. The
staging of activities and demonstrations was well planned with the final
night being a highlight with the singing and magic bowls, and the take
home treats were a nice little reminder of the the possibilities of raw
food. You have a gift for what you do and a great team of supporters.
Well done and thank you for the learning. Gerry

"Sam, thankyou so much for such a wonderful week. The work you do is
incredible and suits you very well. You are an inspiration on many
levels (health, career, happinessin general) I know the positive impact
of this week will live on in my life for many years to come  Thank you
for making this expereince eduational, inspirational, healing and for
nurturing us on so many levels throughout the journey. I can't wait to
do another one and tell all my friends." Susan

I have been on a number of different health retreats.  However your retreat has already changed my behaviour!  The variety of speakers was excellent and informative, and the various healers were amazing.  It was particularly great to attend a retreat close to home as this has introduced me to some great ongoing contacts.   Many, many thanks for a superb life-changing retreat, Julie

Autumn 2011

"A huge thanks to Sam and her talented support team for an incredible five days at the 2011 Easter Retreat.  I highly recommended Sam's retreats for anyone who wants to feel amazing.  The daily yoga sessions, walks in the beautiful surroundings, delicious and creative raw food recipes, relaxing massages, and unexpectedly much needed spiritual and emotional cleansing all made for a fantastic, holistic healing break with a lovely group of like-minded participants.  I went there with the goals of qutting smoking, relaxing and eating some healthy food.    And the results - I quit smoking (without pain or cravings) and lost almost 3kg.  Most importantly, I felt healthier and more at peace at the end of these five days than I have for years - waking up zinging at 6.30am (no alarm) - and I'm a night owl.  The hardest part was leaving such a beautiful, healthy, nurturing environment at the end of the retreat.  Thank you so much Sam and best wishes to all the team for facilitating such a brilliant retreat.  Cheers, Amanda"

Thank you so much for bringing together such an amazing experience over the past 5 days Sam.  I really enjoyed the supportive environment, the location and the energy you and your friends bring and cultivate in others!  The food was outstanding and was always very interesting, healthy, filling & creatively presented.  You have a wonderful ability to connect with the audience and deliver just the right level needed to satisfy everyone without overwhelming us all with information.  Your sense of humour & relaxed nature was also very much appreciated.   I loved having some of the practitioners/healers living right there with us so we can connect with them as we needed for further support and spontaneous discussion.  You've certainly plucked from the top of the pile and attracted the most amazing people to work with!  Your retreat has initiated what will possibly be one of the biggest shifts of wellbeing in my life.  It's been 5 years coming - well, consciously anyway!  Thank you for sharing and doing what you're doing.  You're making a big difference in the world! Cam


The retreat was awesome!  Just what I needed, even with the headaches it was all worth the detoxing!  I had no energy prior to the retreat and I'd lost my laughter & sense of Joy.   It was an amazing spiritual enlightenment for me, realised that it is great to be alive after all!

2 weeks on and I’m still juicing and creating raw foods, about 90% of my food intake is raw, and if I slip it is healthy as well.  I managed to give up smoking easily whilst on the retreat and my face is now glowing, less oily and less dirty!  What I found incredible was I did the Chinese detox footpatches on my last night, and for the first time ever the pads were virtually clean! They are normally black/smelly and sticky! So it was proof that my body was no longer full of toxins! 

Thank you Sam for offering something like this – everyone felt the same way, I will be back I’m sure!  Thank you also to your amazing team for their healing, food preparation and loads of advice.  I would recommend this to anyone!!  Thanks Catherine

Summer 2011
“I would really like to say a heartfelt thank you to you all, the retreat really was a truly beautiful experience! I was amazed that along with feeling reenergized I lost 3.5kgs. I feel so excited about all your amazing knowledge which bit by bit I am trying out – Sprouts !! Who knew?? Ha!ha!” Nic

“I hope that the experience will be life changing. I have attended retreats on two other occasions and, like the others I am feeling terrific – energetic, inspired and strong after the week. The difference with this retreat is in the warmth of the caring and commitment of the team and their personal approach”. Carolyn

“The retreat atmosphere got better and better as the group conversed, cried laughed and bonded. The food was plentiful, fresh and delightful. I loved the artistry with which it was presented and I enjoyed the company at the dinner table. The healing services were great, they opened me up to new visions and ways of looking at things. The healers radiated love and care. I have learnt many things I will put into practice after the retreat. I am looking forward to more of the same great experiences in the future”. Monique

Winter 2010
There are many "detox retreats" around, but few provide the emotional support of this one. The conhesion of the care team is both inspiring and nourishing, they set a fantastic tone of acceptance, care, inclusion and celebration. I really appreciate the incidental care - small comments, large perceptions, and that levle od care was not just on the healng session. The exposure to a number of therapies and therapiests was fantastic. Sometimes the hardest part of of caring for yourself is finding the people and the knowledge you need. I appriciate the type of people attracted to these retreats and , always kind and supportive. The herbs and purges were great, I even got used to the poo conversations! Helen

Summer 2010
“The retreat was just what I wanted. The holistic approach exceeded my expectations. The raw live food was completely new to me, after only one day I had found my sense of smell and taste had increased, and by the end of the week I was in heaven – the food was amazing! The program ran so smoothly, you did not feel as though you were in one, it simply flowed. I have never experienced so much professional help in one place before and I took advantage of all of it. So to Sam and her team of passionate dedicated and simply nice caring professionals I can’t thank you enough – I have come out of this week a different person.” Fay

“I felt it was a very nurturing, teaching, empowering and yet relaxing experience. It opened the opportunity and space for people to look a their life and chances to improve it as they wish. The food was delicious – love the raw food, and especially the fresh organics, you could taste the goodness in it!” Janette

"I am pleased to say that I have lost a jeans size and 4 kg, and seem to be keeping it off. I have bought a new bike and have been doing an hour before work every morning with heaps of energy to burn. I haven't had a cigarette or a drink and not missing either at all, and I am enjoying the smoothies alot as a meal substitute. I can't comment much about the food because I did not eat a great deal (fasted 4 days), but I will say that some of those raw "pasta" dishes were amazing.

As far as the activities were concerned, I enjoyed the chats about
nutrition, stress, sleep, etc. Heath's blood analysis was very good.
Massages by Nicky were also amazing.
All-in-all, it was a very positive experience and I have already
recommended it to friends, and will continue to do so.
I will no doubt see you in the future for a refresh."

Rejuvenation Retreat Jan 2009

“This retreat was life changing. Fantastic! The food was amazing, the programs were excellent, and healing services rejuvenating. I will be back for many more.”

“Congratulations Sam on a wonderful retreat. I worked through some deep issues and its given me a positive view on future possibilities.”

“Very informative, a great opportunity to relax and detox gently in a supportive and nurturing environment.”

Destress and Detox December 2008  

“Sam, thank you for a lovely time, you put so much effort into the retreat so that we all had a great time. You are so energetic, your knowledge of everything healthy, good and bad was amazing. It was a pleasure spending the week with you.”

“The food was so different from what I usually eat, but really tasty. I didn’t know vegetarian food could have so much flavour. The organic fruit was delicious.”

“Food for the soul, relaxation for the body, meditation for the mind. The best holiday I’ve had in a long, long time.”

Winter Transformation June 2008

“Absolutely magic. Great people. Fantastic experiences, excellent food, an all round spiritual and transformational experience.”

“Excellent, loved it. I am leaving feeling recharged, light and optimistic”.

“Perfect balance between activity and free time.”

Spring Cleanse 2007

"Fantastic, educational and fun. I felt totally relaxed and cleansed by the end of the retreat."

"The Detox was very pleasant. On my way here I was a little nervous about what we would eat and how my body would react to the detox. The support from Sam and the individualised program ensured I benefited the most, with minimal discomfort. The food was amazing! Who needs chocolate, meat or dairy? Bring on the sprouts!"

"The detox program was great. The food was amazing and it didn't really feel like a detox because of the beautiful tastes of the food. I like the fact that there was a big choice of food to eat, therefore we could chose what to eat based on our own bodies needs. It was also good that we had the freedom to eat whenever we felt the need."

Why Detox?

Stress creates toxins within the body and reduces excretion of toxins through the liver and bowel.

Food additves and food intolerances

Medications and recreational substances - caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and illicit drugs

Enviromental pollution from cars and industry

Domestic pollutiion from cleaning products, air fresheners, bug sprays, gas and fire heaters
off gassing from carpet, paint, glues, furniture

Beauty, hair and skin care products

to just name a few .......




Sam Warner
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The Food faerie speaks on Food as Medicine Philosophy
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Detox Program

Details Here

A Detox Journey like no other, where I take you, as part of a group, through everything you need to know and do to detox your home, body, mind and lifestyle.

A unique 3 month program of workshops and personal sessions will bring you the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from working with many individuals at my personally designed retreats since 2007.

I have just completed the Transformational Journey Program and here are a few small comments from participants

"The Program directed my path to great information and fixed my confusion"

"Sam Warner is a trusted Practitioner"

"There is nowhere else I can go to learn the info you teach"

"I learnt to love myself through healthy food adn healthy living"

"I had all this info in my head and didnt know how to put it into my body, now I do"



If you are looking for the results of a Detox retreat, but more long lasting and real, this Detox Program is for you!

Contact me now

Details Here

The First Detox Program will begin in March 2016



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