Workshop Schedule 2014

Dehydrator Delights
29th November

includes all recipes, morning tea and lunch

Find inspiration for that dehydrator that is gathering dust, and learn how to increase plant based raw foods in your diet that isn’t salad! Crackers, granola, leathers, savoury and sweet pie crusts, savoury nut mix, stuffed mushrooms, raw cookies and more…


Therapeutic raw Chocolate
29th November

How to make guilt free chocolate that tastes amazing
and really is good for you

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Foods as Medicine for Energy
10am -1pm $100

Dehydrator Delights
10am -1pm $100

Food as Medicine for Children

Food as medicine for Fertility and Menstrual Health

10-1pm $100

Food as Medicine for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

10am-1pm $100

Natural Fertility Enhancement for Couples

10am-1pm $100

Hormonal contraception Risks and Alternatives

10am-1pm $100



Other Peoples

The Raw Kitchen
Regular workshops and talks on delicious raw food

Teach the World

Raw food classes and coaching

Alive Organics
The only real Health food shop in Perth. Runs
regular raw food seminars with international guests


Join Sam Warner ND Bringing an appreciation for organic, raw, local, superfoods and sprouts, blending it with 16 years practice as a naturopath and cooking that together with 7 years teaching natural medicine, the end result is an educational, inspirational and therapeutic experience you can really sink your teeth into.


Food as Medicine 1 - Food as medicine philosophy and practices

Covers the leading super foods, the best naturopathic combination of nutritional knowledge and applications to health conditions and prevention. Practical advice on how to use them in daily life, with lots of food preparation demonstrations and tastings. Many recipes provided to easily create delicious, healthy food at home.

Food as Medicine 2 - identifying food intolerances

Identifying food intolerances, loads of raw food demonstrations and eating!
Gluten and Dairy free. 6hrs
Food as Medicine for Energy

How to create more energy with the food you eat, menu planning, recipes and demonstrations, delicious tastings. 3hrs
Food as Medicine for Fertility and Menstrual Health

How to help balance and harmonise your hormones for wellbeing and baby making, priority foods, menu planning, recipes and raw food demonstrations. 3hrs

Food as Medicine for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Optimising nutrition and supporting mothers and babies health. Priority foods, menu planning, recipes and raw food demonstrations. 3hrs

Food as Medicine for Children

Introducing food to identify food reactions, avoid creating allergy and maximise baby's health. Common issues influencing childrens health. Creating healthy eating habits. Superfoods for kids. Recipes and demonstrations. Gluten and dairy free. 3 hrs

Sweet treats
One of the best ways to get introduced to raw food, learn how easy it is to create amazing snacks and desserts that are truly good for you, packed full of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre, essential oils and enzymes. From raw cheese cake, to chocolate mousse, to goji maca chocolate fudge madness, to lime cream bars, raw chocolate and delicious super smoothies. 3hrs

Dehydrator Delights

Learn how to make the most of this great tool. Make crackers, super food leather, amazing raw cookies, delightful stuffed mushrooms, sweet and savory tarts, kale chips and a divine nut mix. 3 hrs







Sam Warner
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The Food faerie speaks on Food as Medicine Philosophy
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Detox Program

A Detox Journey like no other, where I take you, as part of a group, through everything you need to know and do to detox your home, body, mind and lifestyle.

A unique 3 month program of workshops and personal sessions will bring you the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from working with many individuals at my personally designed retreats since 2007.

I have just completed the Transformational Journey Program and here are a few small comments from participants

"The Program directed my path to great information and fixed my confusion"

"Sam Warner is a trusted Practitioner"

"There is nowhere else I can go to learn the info you teach"

"I learnt to love myself through healthy food adn healthy living"

"I had all this info in my head and didnt know how to put it into my body, now I do"



If you are looking for the results of a Detox retreat, but more long lasting and real, this Detox Program is for you!

Contact me now

The First Detox Program will begin in February 2016



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